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  • Download here
  • Dev branch
  • Docs here
  • [New] Pre-caching - Different levels allows to create offline application
  • [NEW] Cache everything into LocalStorage (So user can even reload machine and we will keep cache)
  • [New] [EXPERIMENTAL] Image Caching into LocalStorage as BASE64 string
  • [ToDo] AppCache.manifest - auto-update and auto-generate
  • [ToDo] Strip head and html tags if returned in AJAX-response


  • Exit from each loop in search_in_cache() function
  • Right way to search in cached objects via second parameter (A DOM Element, Document, or jQuery to use as context)


Fixes in Events:

  • trigger beforeSendAjax right before sending AJAX request
  • abortPushState with true as parameter on prevent-follow = true and vice versa


  • Initial commit
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