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Python interface to SDMX
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pandaSDMX: Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange Documentation Status

pandaSDMX is an Apache 2.0-licensed Python library that implements SDMX 2.1, (ISO 17369:2013), a format for exchange of statistical data and metadata used by national statistical agencies, central banks, and international organisations.

pandaSDMX can be used to:

  • explore the data available from data providers such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Eurostat, OECD, and United Nations;
  • parse data and metadata in SDMX-ML (XML) or SDMX-JSON formats—either:
    • from local files, or
    • retrieved from SDMX web services, with query validation and caching;
  • convert data and metadata into pandas objects, for use with the analysis, plotting, and other tools in the Python data science ecosystem;
  • apply the SDMX Information Model to your own data;

…and much more.




pandaSDMX originally started as a fork of pysdmx. Even if pandaSDMX would not have been possible without the inspiring work done for that project, the author decided to rewrite it from scratch, so pandaSDMX became an independent project. Many people from all over the world have generously contributed code and feedback.

pandaSDMX also contains sample data and metadata from the SDMX user guide.

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