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Twinkly integration for Home-Assistant
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Twinkly for Home-Assistant

This projects lets you control your twinkly christmas lights from Home-Assistant

Using this component you are able to:

  • Turn lights on and off
  • Configure the brigthness

integration example


Installation using HACS (recommended)

This integration is available in the Home Assistant Community Store, just search for "Twinkly" from the integrations tab.

Continue to configuration

Manual install

  1. From the root directory of your HA, create a directory custom_components/twinkly
  2. Download all files from the custom_components/twinkly directory of this repo and copy them in the folder you just created

Continue to configuration


  1. In you configuration.yaml, in the light section add your twinkly device:
  - platform: twinkly
    name: Christmas tree 
  1. Restart Home-Assistant
  • Host: [Required] We currently do not support floating IP address, so make sure to assign a static IP to your twkinly device. You can configure it in your router.
  • Name: [Optional] Defines the name of this device. Even if it's optional, we higly recommend you to configure it. If not set, the name will be retreived from the device, which means that if the device is not available (in jully for instance ;)), it will fallback to the default name which is 'Twinkly light' (and the device ID will be updated accordingly by HA).


Is it possible to change the effect from HA?

Unfortunately, when you change the effect from the Twinkly app, it actually re-write the full light effect to the device. So it means that to change the effect from HA, we would have to copy those effects and push them from HA each time. If it's possible for the "default effects" this would however override the mapping made from the app. And for the "custom effect" (or defaults with mapping) it would require a way to extract the effect from the twinkly app, which does not seems to be supported.

Road map

  • Configure HACS
  • Add this repo to the default repo of HACS
  • Add support of online / offline (and make sure that we don't have to restart HA when we plug-in a device)
  • Add discovery of devices on LAN
  • Add support of floating IP adress
  • Merge as a component in the HA repo

Thanks and ref

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