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FireDragon is a browser based on the excellent Floorp browser. It was customized to have dr460nized-fitting aestetics as well as many opiniated settings by default. As this browser was originally a Librewolf fork, we are trying to integrate its best patches and tweaks in the new base. The most important features in addition of Floorps own ones can be found below.

  • Compatible with Wayland, set MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 as an environment variable to enable using it
  • Searx & Whoogle search engines added, with the possibility to run locally with fitting opt-depends installed
  • The default search engine is Garuda's Searx instance
  • Dark Reader
  • Sweet theme added
  • Custom, dr460nized branding 🐉
  • Keeping settings in sync with Librewolfs changes
  • Firefox accounts are enabled using a custom self-hosted sync server (
  • Presets for both profile-sync-daemon (which Garuda Linux ships by default) & Firejail are available
  • AppImage builds available via GitHub actions (click me, need need to be logged in in order to download)
  • Archlinux builds available at Chaotic-AUR
  • NixOS builds available at Chaotic-Nyx
  • Faster webpages loading from:
  • Artwork by @SGS
  • Hidden Navigation buttons instead of being greyed out when they are inactive
  • Spoofing Chrome on Windows (through Floorp's User Agent switcher) when not using Fingerprinting
  • PBMode Security
  • Latest Fingerprinting as an option in firedragon.cfg (you can copy to your own firedragon.overrides.cfg and enable there)

If you want to tweak behaviors or some of your workflows don't work well due to some features not triggered according to your preferences, here are some guidelines:


If you have some issues with Firedragon, follow these steps.

- Close the browser before anything else
- Create a new Profile by opening Terminal and typing 'firedragon -P' then creating a new Profile and launching from it to test your issue
  -If the issue persists, rename '/usr/lib/firedragon/firedraon.cfg' and '~/.firedragon/[YOUR_PROFILE]/firedragon.overrides.cfg' to something else and relaunch Firedragon. The UI will look quite different (if not, you got file corruption) then test your issue.
    -If the issue is gone, here are some Tips on how to find the setting in 'firedragon.cfg' that causes it:
      -Instead of changing every setting one by one, delete an entire Category or Section. Then relaunch. If nothing changes, bring back the settings and perform the same action on the next Category/Section. Once it does change something, then you know for sure it’s 1 or multiple settings part of that Category/Settings. This method will save you huge amount of time.
- Change your User Agent to something different (it’s in the UI, Settings pane) and validate it did change before you test your issue by visiting websites such as

If after all these steps you still get the same issue, then it is not Firedragon related.

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About FireDragon


Credits go to Mozilla, Arch Linux, and: