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txGraylog is a Twisted based client for a Graylog server. Graylog is a log management platform for collecting, indexing, and analyzing log messages from applications. txGraylog provides an interface for different protocols that can be used to send log messages to a Graylog server. At the moment it supports TCP and UDP, both plain text and the Gelf protocol. There is a plan to implement protocols for HTTP and AMQP.


  • TCP Plain text
  • UDP Plain text
  • TCP Gelf
  • UDP Gelf

Install from PyPI

pip install txGraylog

Install from source

git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt
python install


txGraylog can be started by instantiating the log observer class and passing in the protocol, port and address to use. Alternatively it can also be started as a Twisted service supplying the same paramaters as the observer. txGraylog supports both plain text and Gelf when using TCP or UDP.


When instantiating the observer you need to import the observer class itself and the protocol you wish it use. Below is an example of starting the log observer using UDP.

from txgraylog.protocol import udp
from import GraylogObserver

GraylogObserver(udp.UDPGelfProtocol, '', 6666).start()

To instantiate a TCP log observer just import the tcp protocol:

from txgraylog.protocol import tcp
from import GraylogObserver

GraylogObserver(tcp.TCPGelfProtocol, '', 6666).start()

To use either UDP or TCP plain text just import txgraylog.protocol.udp.UDPPlainTextProtocol or txgraylog.protocol.tcp.TCPPlainTextProtocol and pass them as paramaters.

A paramater overide can also be set if you wish to either set additional paramaters or overide the default Python/Graylog paramaters. This can be done by setting the class variable parameter_override. This variable exists in all protocols. In the case of it being used in plain text protocols the paramaters will be encoded to string just like the other paramaters passed into the event dictionary.

from txgraylog.protocol import udp
from import GraylogObserver

udp.UDPGelfProtocol.parameter_override = {'new_key': 'new_val'}
GraylogObserver(udp.UDPGelfProtocol, '', 6666).start()


To use txGraylog as a Twisted service it is just like starting any other twisted service. Just like the observer you will also need to import the protocol you wish to use:

from txgraylog.protocol import udp
from txgraylog.service import GraylogService

service = GraylogService(udp.UDPGelfProtocol, '', 6666)



Logging messages in your application doesnt change. You still import twisted.python.log and pass in the messages or errors you want by calling msg or err. However txGraylog adds additional functionality where you can pass in extra key value arguments that can be understood by the Graylog server. For example:

from twisted.python import log

log.msg('Some log message', customer_id=1234, app='my_application')

Its important to note that if you have a standard file log observer setup the key value arguments that you pass wont appear in the log files. These are only understood by the txGraylog client.


  • Implement AMQP protocol
  • Implement HTTP protocol
  • More unit tests

Known Issues

  • When instantiating more than one log observer that uses two different protocols for the same host, for example a TCP and a UDP observer, if the TCP connection should drop twisted will stop the TCP factory. But for some reason Twisted will also stop the UDP factory. This means the UDP connection will fail to reconnect unless you restart your application. This wont be a problem for TCP as it implements the ReconnectingClientFactory.


A twisted log service that interacts with Graylog2




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