All my dotfiles that I port around from system to system with me
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.aws unset aws session token on expiration Mar 25, 2018
.gnupg remove keygrip Oct 22, 2018
.oh-my-zsh @ d848c94
.ssh update public key defaults and ssh sample Feb 11, 2017
.surf surf configs Oct 1, 2015
.vim @ ca9a04b update submodules Aug 21, 2017
.wallpaper add wallpaper Dec 21, 2015
.weechat remove redundant Aug 21, 2017
.Xresources borderless urxvt Aug 20, 2017
.bash_profile rvm for bash Aug 5, 2014
.nanorc more nano config Jul 23, 2016
.npmrc offlineimap config Feb 3, 2015
.pam_environment add ssh pam env Oct 22, 2018
.plan add blog post to plan Jun 18, 2016
.tmux.conf fix tmux powerline path Dec 2, 2018
.vimrc dummy vimrc file Nov 22, 2011
.zlogin missed a $ May 1, 2016
.zlogout Check that file exists not if it's a file Jan 3, 2019
.zprofile source .zshenv from home Dec 1, 2018