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drGroves' .vim setup

Current Features

  • NerdTree - nice tree-view file browsing [F2]
  • CtrlP - For fuzzy searching files
  • Gundo - undo history management [F5]
  • Tagbar - easily browse through a programs structure [F9]
  • Supertab - tab-complete anything you have used in the curent buffer
  • Fugitive - built in Git management
  • Syntastic - syntax checking and correction helpers for most major languages
  • Vim-Indent-Guides - easily see indentions. Customized to match Solarized
  • Vundle - for easily managing plugins
  • Other various helper plugins to aid programming as I find them useful

Usage / Installation

  1. Clone .vim directory

    git clone ~/.vim
  2. Install Vundle

    cd ~/.vim
    git submodule update --init
  3. Install dummy vimrc file

    echo "runtime vimrc" > ~/.vimrc
  4. Install Rest of Plugins

    vim +PluginInstall +qall