Magnet is an open source puzzle game running on applet (and desktop). Part of GitHub Game Off 2012.
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Magnet is a puzzle game powered by LibGdx, consisted 15 already unlocked levels to test your puzzling skill.

Note: Please allow the applet to run when asked. All,, and are owned by the author so don't worry ;)

Play it on here or here (mirror)

##???## You are a fabulous factory operator with several minions as your workers. Your factory always (and have to) produces good quality magnet - has N and S poles. It's your job to guide your minions completing the production. Your one only simple goal is match raw pole materials N and S by commanding your workers in one turn!

##Meet the Minions## The Absorbnetors. These units can (only) produce exactly same magnetic pole with a material to push it away.

The Invertnetors. These units can (only) produce inverted magnetic pole with a material to pull it to them.

The Duoplicanetors. By using ferromagnet and magnetizing it, A Duoplicanetor can (only, doh!) clone a Absorbnetor/Invertnetor based on another Duoplicanetor's choice.

##How To Do It?## Manipulate positions of raw N & S pole materials with Absorbnetors and Invertnetors, clone another units with Duoplicanetors, and use your creativity for the rest.

##Contacts## Want to report bugs or ask for hint? Drop it on issue or mention the swordman in charge @drabiter.

##Credits## Hendra "drabiter" - Programmer.
Annas "g4ronk" - Media & levels design.
"namrog84" - Contributor.
BGM credit to : Kamihamiha.