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Magnet is an open source puzzle game running on applet (and desktop). Part of GitHub Game Off 2012.
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Magnet is a puzzle game powered by LibGdx, consisted 15 already unlocked levels to test your puzzling skill.

Note: Please allow the applet to run when asked. All,, and are owned by the author so don't worry ;)

Play it on here or here (mirror)


You are a fabulous factory operator with several minions as your workers. Your factory always (and have to) produces good quality magnet - has N and S poles. It's your job to guide your minions completing the production. Your one only simple goal is match raw pole materials N and S by commanding your workers in one turn!

Meet the Minions

The Absorbnetors. These units can (only) produce exactly same magnetic pole with a material to push it away.

The Invertnetors. These units can (only) produce inverted magnetic pole with a material to pull it to them.

The Duoplicanetors. By using ferromagnet and magnetizing it, A Duoplicanetor can (only, doh!) clone a Absorbnetor/Invertnetor based on another Duoplicanetor's choice.

How To Do It?

Manipulate positions of raw N & S pole materials with Absorbnetors and Invertnetors, clone another units with Duoplicanetors, and use your creativity for the rest.


Want to report bugs or ask for hint? Drop it on issue or mention the swordman in charge @drabiter.


Hendra "drabiter" - Programmer.
Annas "g4ronk" - Media & levels design.
"namrog84" - Contributor.
BGM credit to : Kamihamiha.

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