1. Google Summer of Code 2017 | Common Printing Dialog

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Welcome to the gcp-backend wiki!

This is a part of Google Summer of Code 2017 Project "Common Print Dialog for desktop applications and mobile devices" under The Linux Foundation. The project plan can be found here.

To make printing easy for the users of desktop systems and mobile devices, a well designed print dialog should provide an interface that will allow users to easily find desired printers along with desired options to get the print out. This project aims at providing support for cloud ready printers by implementing a backend module by wrapping google cloud print API for Common Printing Dialog project under The Linux Foundation. More specifically, implementation of Google Cloud Print backend will include designing and implementing a module along with proper documentation and tests.

The goal is to enable the print dialog of all applications (GTK, Qt, and LibreOffice) to find printers along with their options and allow them to print through DBus coupled backends. Each of these backends will support exactly one technology. CUPS backend will facilitate printing via common unix printing utility, GCP backend will facilitate printing via google cloud print api etc. The main aim is to provide unified printing from all applications on all available printers via all technologies that a user is using. Also in future if a new print technology comes in, they only need to provide their backend and users can print from all applications.

About Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a Google service that lets users print from any cloud-print-aware application (web, desktop, mobile) on any device in the network cloud to any printer without Google having to create and maintain printing subsystems for all the hardware combinations of client devices and printers, and without the users having to install device drivers to the client, but with documents being fully transmitted to Google.

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