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FreeBSD port for riak

This is a testing place for a FreeBSD port for riak. Riak is not currently in the FreeBSD ports tree. The goal of this project is to get a working port to submit to the ports tree.


  • Copy the riak folder to /usr/ports/database/

  • cd to /usr/ports/database/riak/

  • make


  • cd work/riak-1.0.1/rel/riak/

  • ./bin/riak chkconfig

  • ./bin/riak start

  • ./bin/riak-admin member_status


This is currently a test to see if i could get it up and running. It does not currently install into your main FreeBSD install.


  • create rc.d script to managing the riak server

  • configure port to install files to FreeBSD appropriate locations.

  • configure port to cleanup all installed files

How to Contribute

You're interested in contributing to this project? Sweet!

fork Tattle from here:

  1. Clone your fork
  2. Hackit up
  3. Push the branch up to GitHub
  4. Send a pull request to the draco2003/freebsd-database-riak project.

We'll do our best to get your changes in as soon as possible!