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😱 A dark theme for Gnome Terminal
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aruhier and GalaticStryder Avoid error in case ~/.dir_colors is a file
Fixes #62
CentOS uses a default dircolor saved as ~/.dir_colors. Before, there was
an error because this script wanted ~/.dir_colors to be a folder.

Now, copy the dircolors as ~/.dir_colors if it is a file, and backup it
as ~/.dir_colors.old.

Signed-off-by: Ícaro Hoff <>
Latest commit 66a774e Feb 16, 2017

Dracula colorscheme for Gnome Terminal


A dark colorscheme for Gnome Terminal.

This colorscheme is based on the well-known Solarized Dark colorscheme for the Gnome Terminal, it was created using "Dracula palette".

How does it look?


Sexy! ![+18](


This theme can be installed on Gnome 3 terminal and any other Gnome based terminal program like the Unity terminal bundled with Ubuntu.

You'll need the dconf command (if you run a recent Gnome version). In Ubuntu,this can be installed by running:

$ sudo apt-get install dconf-cli

In other distros you'll need to dig around to find it, search your repositories for dconf related packages.

After installing dconf, you can clone this repository to your machine.

$ git clone
$ cd gnome-terminal-colors-dracula

Then you can run the installation script:

$ ./

And just follow the steps.


To complement your user experience I recommend installing zsh-syntax-highlighting. This is going to allow commands to have their own colors and styles.


Solarized project:


This project is licensed under GPL3. Vai Dracula, mostra o seu poder!

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