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v3.0.rc3 (20th of July 2015)

  • Security fixes


  • Support for Issue/Evidence separation
  • New HTML/CSS interface
  • Use BCrypt for password storage.
  • Gemified plugins in external repositories
  • Enhanced background workers
  • New plugins:
    • Export: CSV, PDF
    • Upload: Acunetix, Qualys
  • Rails 4.1

v2.10 (never officially released)

  • New drag'n'drop file uploads with preview
  • Updated NeXpose plugin: add NeXpose-Full support
  • Feature requests implemented: #2312560, #2332708, #2706007
  • Bugs fixed: #55, #67, #72
  • Updated to Rails 3.2.3
  • See the full list of changes

v2.9 (1st of February 2012)

  • New Retina Network Security Scanner plugin
  • New Zed Attack Proxy upload plugin
  • Updated VulnDB import plugin
  • Faster Nikto upload plugin
  • Faster (60x times) Nessus upload plugin
  • Faster Nmap upload plugin (through ruby-nmap gem)
  • Updated First Time User's Wizard
  • Upgrade to Rails 3.2
  • See the full list of changes

v2.8 (10th of October 2011)

  • Cleaner three-column layout
  • Smarter Ajax polling and auto-updating
  • New version of the Nmap upload plugin
  • New version of the Nessus upload plugin
  • ./ now checks that libxml2 is installed
  • Bugs fixed: #17, #31, #37, #43, #48
  • See the full list of changes

v2.7.2 (1st of August 2011)

v2.7.1 (24th of May 2011)

v2.7 (19th of April 2011)

  • Improved command line API with Thor (thor -T)
  • New Configuration Manager
  • New Upload Manager
  • New plugins:
    • Metasploit import
    • NeXpose (.xml) upload
    • OpenVAS (.xml) upload
    • SureCheck (.sc) upload
    • w3af (.xml) upload
    • Web Exploitation Framework (wXf) upload
  • Updated plugins:
    • Nessus plugin supports .nessus v2
    • Vuln::DB import plugin updated to work with the latest release
  • Bugs fixed: #2888332, #2973256
  • Updated to Rails 3.0.6

v2.6.1 (11th of February 2011)

  • Fixed a 'back slash' vs 'forward slash' issue in
  • Smarten up to find the Bundler binary
  • Deal with Burp Scanner's opinionated handling of null bytes
  • SSL certificate updated for 2011 / 2012
  • Updated libraries RedCloth 4.2.6 and Rails 3.0.4

v2.6 (2nd of December 2010)

  • New first-time repository content
  • New helper scripts to run and reset the environment
  • Upgraded libraries: ExtJS 3.3, Rails 3.0.3
  • Improved performance through asset caching
  • Bugs fixed: #3021312, #3030629, #3076709

v2.5.2 (18th of May 2010)

  • bugs fixed: #2974460
  • security patch

v2.5.1 (7th of March 2010)

  • The NotesBrowser does a better job of keeping track of the current node
  • New notes are no longer out of sync with the server
  • upgraded library: ExtJS 3.1.1
  • bugs fixed: #2964273, #2932569, #2963253

v2.5 (5th of February 2010)

  • improved Note editor (supports formatting)
  • new HTML export plugin to generate reports in HTML format
  • new Nikto Upload plugin: your favourite web server scanner output in Dradis.
  • new Burp Upload plugin: you can now import your Burp Scanner results.
  • improved 'First Time User Wizard' introduction
  • keep track of all the activity with the built-in RSS feed
  • new Rake task: dradis:backup
  • Rake dradis:reset now creates a backup of the project by default
  • Rake dradis:reset now clears the old log files
  • the Nmap Upload plugin organizes the nodes in a more structured way
  • upgraded libraries: ExtJS 3.0, Rails 2.3.5
  • bugs fixed: #2936554, #2938593

v2.4.1 (31st of October 2009)

  • bugs fixed: #2881746, #2888245, #2889402

v2.4 (10th of September 2009)

  • drag'n'drop your notes
  • new Rake tasks to backup the project, reset the environment, etc.
  • better upload plugin feedback in case of exception
  • new 'feedback' link in the top-right corner
  • Nmap Upload now uses the Nmap::Parser library
  • notification icon displayed in the attachments tab when a node has attachments
  • new plugin to import data from the OSVDB

v2.3 (5th of August 2009)

  • expand / collapse buttons in the tree

  • add a new node filtering facility to the tree

  • import from file functionality (nmap, nessus, etc.)

  • refactor the WordExport plugin:

  • project management plugin update:

    • create project templates (read 'methodologies')
    • export project in .zip format (DB + attachments)
    • import projects/templates
    • checkout / commit project revisions from and to the Meta-Server
  • "what's new in this version?" widget in the status bar to learn the latest features added to the framework.

v2.2 (11th of June 2009)

  • add attachments to nodes
  • add 'refresh' buttons to the tree and the notes list
  • force 'webrick' even if mongrel is installed (no SSL support in mongrel)
  • centralise the framework version information.
  • autoExpandColumn now works on IE
  • Rails runs in "production" mode

v2.1.1 (17th of April 2009)

  • the version string was not properly updated across the different modules.

v2.1 (16th of April 2009)

  • import/export plugin architecture
  • import/export plugin generators
  • sample WordXML export plugin
  • sample WikiMedia import plugin

v2.0.1 (23rd of February 2009)

  • first security patch

v2.0 (29th of January 2009)

  • Forget Hosts, Services and Protocols. Embrace the freedom of Nodes.
  • Forget SOAP, embrace REST
  • Powered by Rails 2.0 and ExtJS 2.2 (
  • Now with security! (SSL transport and user authentication)

v1.2 (4th of April 2008)

  • a slightly less annoying implementation of the web interface 'auto refresh' functionality.
  • the services added through the web interface can have a name now :)
  • simple prevention against embedded XSS.
  • the missing submit.png image is included in the release now.

v1.1 (29th of February 2008)

  • new web interface, the old summary is gone, the new one is much neater and ajax powered.