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Start working on the server side code documentation. It was about time.

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-Use this README file to introduce your application and point to useful places in the API for learning more.
-Run "rake doc:app" to generate API documentation for your models, controllers, helpers, and libraries.
+== Welcome to the Dradis Framework
+Dradis is an open source framework to enable effective information sharing.
+It is based on the {Ruby on Rails}[] web-framework.
+Dradis is a self-contained web application that provides a centralised
+repository of information to keep track of what has been done so far, and what
+is still ahead.
+Features include:
+ * Easy report generation.
+ * Support for attachments.
+ * Integration with existing systems and tools through server plugins.
+ * Platform independent.
+Our site:
+== Description of Contents
+ Holds all the code that's specific to this particular application.
+ Holds controllers that should be named like weblogs_controller.rb for
+ automated URL mapping. All controllers should descend from ApplicationController
+ which itself descends from ActionController::Base.
+ Holds models that should be named like post.rb.
+ Most models will descend from ActiveRecord::Base.
+ Holds the template files for the view that should be named like
+ weblogs/index.erb for the WeblogsController#index action. All views use eRuby
+ syntax.
+ Holds the template files for layouts to be used with views. This models the common
+ header/footer method of wrapping views. In your views, define a layout using the
+ <tt>layout :default</tt> and create a file named default.erb. Inside default.erb,
+ call <% yield %> to render the view using this layout.
+ Holds view helpers that should be named like weblogs_helper.rb. These are generated
+ for you automatically when using script/generate for controllers. Helpers can be used to
+ wrap functionality for your views into methods.
+ Configuration files for the Rails environment, the routing map, the database, and other dependencies.
+ Contains the database schema in schema.rb. db/migrate contains all
+ the sequence of Migrations for your schema.
+ This directory is where your application documentation will be stored when generated
+ using <tt>rake doc:app</tt>
+ Application specific libraries. Basically, any kind of custom code that doesn't
+ belong under controllers, models, or helpers. This directory is in the load path.
+ The directory available for the web server. Contains subdirectories for images, stylesheets,
+ and javascripts. Also contains the dispatchers and the default HTML files. This should be
+ set as the DOCUMENT_ROOT of your web server.
+ Helper scripts for automation and generation.
+ Unit and functional tests along with fixtures. When using the script/generate scripts, template
+ test files will be generated for you and placed in this directory.
+ External libraries that the application depends on. Also includes the plugins subdirectory.
+ This directory is in the load path.

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