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w3af import does not create notes for informational entries #53

jwgoerlich opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Summary. The w3af framework can export three types of results: vulnerabilities, informational, and miscellaneous. When importing a w3af xml file that contains only informational entries, Dradis creates nodes but does not create notes with the information.

Steps to reproduce. Run w3af and perform a scan that only results in informational entries. For example, use the web_infrastructure profile. Save the output to an xml file. Import from Dradis using Import from file > new importer. Set the Upload File combobox to W3afupload. Browse to the xml file previously created. Complete the upload, then refresh Dradis. You will see the nodes but no notes.

Expected results. Dradis would import the w3af and the informational entries would get loaded as notes underneath the nodes.

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