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+v2.8 (10th of October 2011)
+ - Cleaner three-column layout
+ - Smarter Ajax polling and auto-updating
+ - New version of the Nmap upload plugin
+ - New version of the Nessus upload plugin
+ - ./ now checks that libxml2 is installed
+ - Bugs fixed: #17, #31, #37, #43, #48
v2.7.2 (1st of Aug 2011)
- Updated to Rails 3.0.9
- Improved startup scripts
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- Dradis Framework 2.7.2 - Release Notes
+ Dradis Framework 2.8 - Release Notes
- -- version 2.7.2, August 1st, 2011 --
+ -- version 2.8, October 10th, 2011 --
-- --
What is new
-This is a bug-fixing release (see below).
+This version introduces two major updates: three-column layout and smart ajax
-In 2.7.0 we introduced a lot of new plugins:
-* Metasploit import: exploit away with your favourite framework and then import
-seamlessly into Dradis to collate results and merge with information from other
-tools. Kudos to @sussurro
+We always try to improve the interface and UX for our users. With this realease
+we are introducing a cleaner three-column layout that maximizes the amount of
+space available to view your notes and removes the clutter in the note list.
-* NeXpose (.xml), OpenVAS (.xml) and w3af (.xml) output can be uploaded into
-Dradis thanks to the amazing work by @raesene
+Read more about the three-column layout here:
-* SureCheck is a great build review tool by Wildcroft Security
-( and thanks to @werrett you can now import
-its (.sc) files into Dradis.
+Knowing that there is a new revision in the server and that we should update is
+a good way to learn that others in the team are making changes, however the new
+smart updates will bring any changes made by your team mates to your current
+session without having to hit refresh or take any other action. Automagic!
-* The guys at the Web Exploitation Framework (wXf) team created an upload for
+A screencast showing the smart ajax updates in action can be found here:
-Some of our good old plugins were updated:
-* Nessus plugin supports .nessus v2 format
-* Vuln::DB import plugin updated to work with the latest release (
-Along with the changes in the plugin themselves Dradis 2.7.0 introduced the new
-Configuration Manager (browse to /configurations once the server is running).
-All the configuration settings for every plugin can be accessed and edited
-through the new config manager. Forget the .yml files and embrace the new web
-We have also improved the command line interface to use Thor. Run: thor -T to
-see all the available tasks for importing, uploading and managing the
-information in your Dradis repository.
-Finally we have been working hard on the new Upload Manager, it will let you
-upload *huge* files while keeping you posted of the status of the processing
-that is being done internally. You can see how the plugins are working their
-magic in real time through the new Ajax-enabled interface.
+In addition to the above, we have worked on an improved version of the Nmap and
+Nessus upload plugins to re-use existing host nodes and thus avoid duplication.
+Send us your feature requests! Add them to the project tracker:
Bugs Fixed
- #5 - Ajax paths are messed when run through Apache
- #9 - Some plugins still use Rake instead of Thor
-#13 - No easy way to check the server version
-#14 - EditorWindow autofocus
-#15 - Preview widget refreshes even if content didn't change
-#16 - Can't save without selecting a branch
-#19 - Can't view attachments with multiple dots in them
-#20 - Keyboard selection when moving through nodes and tree
+#17 - OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: SSL_write:: internal error
+#31 - Problem changing note categories
+#37 - Missing image (relative path issue)
+#43 - Duplicate Thor tasks to reset password
+#48 - New Importer console fails on MySQL backend
Report your issues at:
@@ -61,8 +45,8 @@ Known Issues
As always the release ships with a windows installer,
-dradis-v2.7.2-setup.exe, and the platform independent packages,
-dradis-v2.7.2.tar.bz2 and dradis-v2.7.2.tar.gz. This can all be
+dradis-v2.8.0-setup.exe, and the platform independent packages,
+dradis-v2.8.0.tar.bz2 and dradis-v2.8.0.tar.gz. This can all be
downloaded from the website [i].
For Linux prerequisite instructions please see readme.txt or [ii].
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3. Installation Notes (Windows)
4. Running Dradis
-Dradis 2.7.2 - 1st of August 2011
+Dradis 2.8 - 10th of October 2011
1. General Information

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