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2.0.0 - Added support for SQL Server CE 3.5 (thanks to balistof)
- Duplicate migration exports are detected before actual migration execution
- API:
- IMigrationBatch now lists:
- migrations scheduled for execution
- migrations executed server-side but unknown to the application (used to detect if an application is out-of-date)
- Removed Migrator.IsUpToDate as it is ambiguous and incurs an extra round-trip to the database (use FetchMigrations instead)
- IVersioning: implementors need to return all executed migrations instead of answering Contains(...)
- IVersioning and MigrationEventArgs: use the new IScheduledMigrationMetadata interface which contains the direction
- SQL Server 2005/2008:
- before dropping a column, drop its default constraint (if exists) (thanks to rmotyka)
- SQL Server CE 4:
- allow GUIDs to be used as primary keys (thanks to lestermat)
- Teradata:
- stop creating *_0 tables when adding foreign keys
1.1.0 - Added support for SQLite (without foreign keys)
- Added support for SQL scripting: instead of executing migrations against a database, they can be scripted into files
- Added command-line interface: Migrate.exe, a console application
- Added support for retrieving migrations from multiple assemblies (thanks to FlorianHoornaar)
- Extended/completed list of allowed primary key data types for all providers
- Providers define themselves which data-types can be used for identity columns
- this allows to use decimals without scale for SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata
- Extended API to allow renaming of primary keys
- Removed .AsIdentity() option when adding columns (was not implemented consistently and was missing integration testing and constitues a super special-case which is hard to implement consistently for all platforms)
- IProvider: added the DropDefault method which replaces the AddedColumn.DropThereafter and gives the providers
more flexibility to report what they support and what not
- Teradata:
- raise validation error on adding/dropping primary keys (Teradata does not support that)
1.0.2 - BUG FIXES:
- SQL Server 2005/2008:
- rename default constraint along with the column (fixes the case when adding a new column with a default value which has the same name of a previously renamed column with a default value)
- Oracle:
- rename identity sequence and trigger along with the table
- Teradata:
- escape new name when renaming a table
- removed MINVALUE and MAXVALUE for identity columns which is not needed and caused unexpected errors
1.0.1 - BUG FIXES:
- Oracle: multiple Mig# instances can be maintained side-by-side on the same database
- SQL Tracing: do not throw if the emitted SQL contains curly brackets
1.0.0 - Initial release
Note: Mig# uses "Semantic Versioning" (by Tom Preston-Werner)
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