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A standalone program that reads files created with the graphical network editor Escher and converts them to files in community standard formats.

License (MIT) Latest version DOI Build Status

Authors: Andreas Dräger, Devesh Khandelwal


Get a local copy of EscherConverter from here. As a Java™ application, the only thing needed is a valid Java(JRE) 8+ installation present. After that you can either open the JAr by double-clicking it or use it from the command line as below.

On Unix-like system (Ubuntu, Fedora, macOS, etc.):

bash$ java -jar -Xms8G -Xmx8G -Duser.language=en ./EscherConverter.jar --help

On Windows:

C:\> javaw -jar -Xms8G -Xmx8G -Duser.language=en EscherConverter-0.5 --help

Need to know more?

Head over to the wiki.

Included third-party software

EscherConverter includes several third-party libraries, which we here list and acknowledge:

  • ArgParser
  • libSBGN
  • Pixel-Mixer icons
  • yFiles (obfuscated)
  • Randelshofer's macOS filechooser
  • Jackson