@mephenor mephenor released this Jul 13, 2016 · 104 commits to master since this release

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  • Updated pom.xml, so that the local non-maven libs work as local repositories without the need for local_maven-repo.sh; project is now built with mvn clean compile verify
  • Updated assembly.xml to use relative pathnames, as per warnings during maven build
  • ModelPolisher now uses the JSBML 1.2-SNAPSHOT from http://jsbml.sourceforge.net/m2repo_snapshots/
  • Added JUnit4 tests to BiGGId.java
  • Refactored BiGGId.java - both constructors should now have the same behavior
  • Added a basic contract class for BiGGDB.java

Bug fixes:

  • Solved a bug when changing the identifier of reactions that have subsystem information attached, it is also necessary to update the reference from the member element to the updated reaction
  • Added missing G prefix, fixed R_EX and R_DM prefix, which where a letter to short previously, in BiGGId.java