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git clone
git checkout dev

# Build dependencies
cd insilico/releng/org.insilico.maven.dependencies
mvn clean p2:site

# Build product
cd ../../
mvn clean verify

Start from console

The software is build in the following folders:

cd releng/org.insilico.product/target/products/org.insilico.lab/

Go to the folder for your architecture

  • linux/gtk/x86[_64]/insilico/
  • macosx/cocoa/x86_64/
  • win32/win32/x86[_64]/insilico/

and, depending on your operating system, start with

  • ./InSilico or
  • InSilico.exe

Start from eclipse

Install Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers (plugin developers).

The following additional eclipse plugins are required (eclipse marketplace)

  • Maven Tycho Utilities 1.0.0

Import project via The project can be imported from the git repository via

File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Projects

Select the repositoy root path.

Activate project (dependencies) via

  • Select
  • Activate Target Platform and Reload Target Platform

Build project via

  • Right click on org.insilico.parent.pom.xml
  • Run as Maven build..
  • Goals clean verify

Run project via

  • Select org.insilico.product -> org.insilico.product
  • Launch an Eclipse application
  • Run

Additional plugins

Preferences -> Java -> Compiler -> Errors/Warnings -> Deprecated and restriced API (change to warnings)

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