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Revision history for Builder
0.04 Fri January 16, 2009
* Opps... Needed IO::WrapTie as well in builder_xml_output.t test ;-(
- IO::WrapTie from IO::Stringy 2.110 package added in t/lib
0.03 Tues January 13, 2009
* Test builder_xml_output.t now uses IO::Scalar (in t/lib) so passes on 5.6.*
- IO::Scalar from IO::Stringy 2.110 package used in t/lib
0.02 Thurs January 1, 2009
* Updated test suite & docs. Minor additions/fixes for new tests to work!
- CDATA now fixed
- block() method now expects hashref for 2nd arg (ie. named options)
- block() named arg changed from qualifiedAttrib to qualified_attr
- added builder_xml_pretty.t & builder_xml_output.t
- B::XML - added open_newline, close_newline & pre_indent args
- Added empty tags, eg. <br /> (tag can be defined with empty_tag arg)
- Oh and Happy New Year!
0.01 Weds November 26, 2008
* First ever version on CPAN
- Also my first ever CPAN module!
- Its a stripped back version as I get use to CPAN ropes
- Source code will be on GitHub (using git is also another first for me!)
- So will be merging back some newer changes from SVN over next few versions
- Including adding back in CSS module
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