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Continue to improve docs - Document other (hidden) features!?
Add more tests - more complicated sub/loop tests (see my original example dir) - also other from older tests
- (More checks on mixed content of subs, text & objects)
Bring git (GitHub) up-to-date with latest version in my SVN
- Above includes CSS module
- Putting back in comments & <? ?> tags - And helpers
- DocTypes & DTD <!ELEMENT>
Add subs saving to Builder::XML (benchmark first)
Create Builder::HTML & Builder::HTML::Validated
Refactor! Refactor! Refactor!
Nick tests from XML::Writer & XML::Generator and amend for Builder::XML
Fix order of attributes? (ie. document workaround)
# from Builder::XML....
# Builder::Declare (for Builder func import)
* building subs (for speed). Lets do benchmarking before attempting this!
* XML::Entities (option to decode on reading data & to encode on way out)
* AUTOLOAD & DESTROY tags - solution?
* test B::XML __render__ does work on local stack only (done this? certainly needs more stringent tests)
# doesnt work... $xm->p( 'one', $xm->span( 'two' ), 'and three' );
# only works if $xm-> is first parameter ( __say__ workaround )