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Netstat implementation in Golang.

This Package get data from /proc/net/tcp|6 and /proc/net/udp|6 and parse /proc/[0-9]/fd/[0-9] to match the correct inode.



tcp_data := GOnetstat.Tcp()
udp_data := GOnetstat.Udp()

This will return a array of a Process struct like this

type Process struct {
    User         string
    Name         string
    Pid          string
    Exe          string
    State        string
    Ip           string
    Port         int64
    ForeignIp    string
    ForeignPort  int64

So you can loop through data output and format the output of your program in whatever way you want it. See the Examples folder!


tcp6_data := GOnetstat.Tcp6()
udp6_data := GOnetstat.Udp6()

The return will be a array of a Process struct like mentioned above. Still need to create a way to compress the ipv6 because is too long.