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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no Popover for Mentions/Emoji plugin?

The MentionSuggestions/EmojiSuggestions component is internally connected to the plugin & editor and will be updated & positioned once the user starts the autocompletion with an @ character for mentions or a colon for Emojis.

Depending on how your Editor or wrapping elements are positioned the positioning might fail. You can provide a custom positionSuggestions function to the plugin config that returns an empty. This will not position the suggestion in any way. Once you got to that point you need to investigate how to position your suggestions manually leveraging positionSuggestions.

import createEmojiPlugin from 'draft-js-emoji-plugin';

const positionSuggestions = ({ state, props }) => {
  return {};

const emojiPlugin = createEmojiPlugin({ positionSuggestions: positionSuggestions });

My default styles are broken?

The Draft framework includes a handful of CSS resources intended for use with the editor, available in a single file via the build, DraftStyleDefault.css

You most probably miss this file. See also the troubleshooting in the original DraftJS documentation.

How can I use custom decorators with the plugin editor?

Editor takes a prop called decorators which will be combined with plugin decorators and the provided decorators to a composite decorator.

const customDecorators = [
    strategy: findLinkEntities,
    component: Link,

// Editor accepts a prop called decorators.
const MyEditor = ({ editorState, onChange }) => (
    plugins={[plugin1, plugin2]}

Can I use the same plugin for multiple plugin Editors?

No, you need to instantiation multiple plugins in case you use multiple editors.

const emojiPlugin = createEmojiPlugin();
const emojiPlugin2 = createEmojiPlugin();
const EmojiSuggestions = emojiPlugin.EmojiSuggestions;
const EmojiSuggestions2 = emojiPlugin2.EmojiSuggestions;

// The Editor accepts an array of plugins. In this case, only the emojiPlugin is
// passed in, although it is possible to pass in multiple plugins.
// The EmojiSuggestions component is internally connected to the editor and will
// be updated & positioned once the user starts the autocompletion with a colon.
const MyEditor = ({ editorState, editorState2, onChange, onChange2 }) => (
    <EmojiSuggestions />
    <EmojiSuggestions2 />

export default MyEditor;

How can I avoid that a URL hash is converted to a Hash when using the linkify plugin?

The order of the plugins matter. It will ignore the hash if the linkifyPlugin comes first in the plugins array.

const plugin = [linkifyPlugin, hashtagPlugin]

The editor throws errors in Internet Explorer 11?

If you see error messages like Symbol is undefined or similar, it might probably be caused by lacking polyfills.

To solve this, you can use babel-polyfill (Babel Polyfill Documentation) to cover everything that babel cannot transpile/polyfill on build-time. Keep in mind that babel-polyfill is pretty huge and will increase your bundled filesize quite a bit. You can also just import the required polyfills manually using core-js directly:

import 'core-js/es6/map';
import 'core-js/es6/weak-map';
import 'core-js/fn/object/assign';
import 'core-js/fn/symbol';
import 'core-js/fn/array/from';
import 'core-js/fn/array/fill';
import 'core-js/fn/string/starts-with';
import 'core-js/fn/string/ends-with';

Note: Those imports might not cover all possibly needed polyfills; this means, you maybe need to adapt them.