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What is it?

blog is a dead simple blog platform. You create a new post, write it in your editor of choice (configurable), then it gets injected into a .html template. It let's you choose deployment method with a deploy script.

How to use it?

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Clear the contents of drafts/, published/, titles html/posts/ and html/{all,list}.html (I need to figure out how to keep my blog and the script separate)
  3. You might want to customise the html/*.template.html files and CSS and JS, located in html/src/ (SCSS and TS).
  4. With the way I set it, you can cd html; yarn run dev to run a dev server with live compile

Once you're done with customising it to your liking, you can start writing blog posts:

  1. Open blog with a text editor and check if the variables at the top suit you.
  2. Edit deploy script so that it works for you
  3. Just running blog will show a menu with actions you can choose, for example create new post, render the posts or publish them. You can also run it with specific option directly: blog c
  4. Selecting c will ask you for a title (be careful with special characters, as some servers don't like them)
  5. After you write the title, an editor will open for you to write the post in. Posts are just HTML that will be later injected into a template.
  6. Once you're done, just close the editor. The script will then ask you if you want to mark it for publishing. Only marked posts will be rendered into posts.
  7. You now have to render the posts with blog r in order for them to become finished HTML files
  8. After that running blog d will run the deploy script (or you can run it directly). How that works is up to you to decide.


  • Keep more metadata, like create/publish time
  • RSS generator


I'm open to Pull Requests and feature requests (through issues). If you find a bug (I'm sure you will, given how bad the code is), please report it as an issue, or create a PR with a fix.

Luke Smith's lb

This blog system was inspired by lb, just not as polished.

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