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Lights Out clone for the PS Vita; touch a light to toggle it and all adjacent lights ON/OFF



  • There are a total of 25 lights per puzzle
  • Touch a light to toggle it and all adjacent lights ON/OFF
  • When all 25 lights are OFF, the puzzle is completed
  • 50 puzzles to choose from, with an unlockable solution per puzzle


TOUCH: Touch lights to alternate between ON/OFF states
L & R: Choose current puzzle
SELECT: Show/hide solution for puzzles that have been completed in less than 999 moves
START: Reset the current puzzle


  • Blackout creates a 'config.ini' file upon first startup which is used to store settings; do not modify this file
  • When "Show solution" is enabled, touch each outlined (in yellow) light once to complete the puzzle
  • All assets for the game were custom-made using Gimp and Audacity


To everyone in the scene that makes projects like this possible to do on the PS Vita