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C OpenGL RPG in the likes of the old NES titles.
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Iso is an RPG written in C using SDL2 library for windowing and catching events and the OpenGL3.3+ standard for graphics.

Source structure

The source is located in the src directory, its structure is as follows:

  + eng/
  |   . graphics.c(h)    (subroutines for setting the projection, drawing text and quad)
  |   . mesh.c(h)        (contains the VAO and VBO for the quad that can be drawn)
  |   . print.c(h)       (informative printing of errors and issues to stdout)
  |   . shader.c(h)      (the GLSL shader compilation functions and all uniform indices are all defined here)
  |   . text.c(h)        (functions for initialisation of the font textures)
  |   . texture.c(h)     (all textures, or sprites, that will be drawn are loaded here, excluding font)
  |   . window.c(h)      (opening and closing of the main window using SDL2)
  + gam/
  |   . being.h          (Being structure and functions a being can execute, movement, hit something, etc.) (see map.c)
  |   . environment.c(h) (functions for drawing the world and initialisation of the world itself)
  |   . game.c(h)        (main function passes the execution to G_Main, where input is parsed and world is called to update)
  |   . logger.c(h)      (buffer and functions to control the descriptive text of what's going on in the world)
  |   . main.c(h)        (initialisation of the main window and passes the execution to G_Main)
  |   . map.c(h)         (definition of the map and functions for being acting
  |   . thing.h          (Thing structure definition)
  . overlord.c           (holds globally accessible constants and functions)
  . sdlgl.h              (intermediate header file that includes SDL2, glew and gl)


ingame screenshot

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