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Added some basic sw plugin documentation

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This plugin will allow one game of farkle per channel. When loaded, you should use the `!pm` option to block out PM use of this plugin (this is likely to be fixed in a future version).
use `!help` to learn more about this plugin.
+This is a Savage Worlds plugin that provides commands to help with that RPG system. It has the following commands: `card`, `init`, `initshuffle`, `draw`, `shuffle`.
+### card
+This command will display a randomly selected card from a standard deck, including jokers. Cards are in the format of VS, where V is the value selected from A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,T,J,Q,K,A and S is a suit from D,H,C,S (Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, Spades). Jokers are special, in that the red and black ones are JR and JB respectively.
+### init
+This will draw one card off of the shared initiative deck. When it runs out it will automatically shuffle.
+### initshuffle
+This will force the shared initiative deck to shuffle.
+### draw
+This command without any arguments will draw one card off of your personal deck, which is tied to your current nick. Optionally you may pass in a number of cards to be drawn. If the cards to be drawn are greater than the number of cards left, it will shuffle first, and then draw.
+### shuffle
+This command will shuffle the personal deck that is tied to your current nick.

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