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A compiler-wrapper that runs and caches D programs.
D Shell
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A compiler-wrapper that runs and caches D programs.

This is a rewrite of rdmd that runs about twice as fast. It does so by utilizing the new "include imports" feature (the -i command line option) to compile D programs and their dependencies with only one invocation of the compiler. Since rdmd does not use this feature, it must invoke the compiler twice which causes it to take about twice as long.

rund also introduces the concept of "Source Compiler Directives" (see below) that allow D source files to contain compiler configuration such as import paths, versions, environment variables, etc.

Note that the "include imports" feature was introduced in dmd version 2.079 (March 2018). rund will not work with older compilers that do not support this feature.


The build/test/install code is written in D and contained in make.d. If you already have rund compiled and installed, you can use that to run make.d, otherwise, you can use the compiler directly to run it:

NOTE: there is a bug on windows where using dmd -run will introduce a LINKCMD environment variable that will set the linker to OPTLINK but then further invocations of dmd with a model set (i.e. -m64) will use the Microsoft linker. This makes dmd use the Microsoft linker command line interface with OPTLINK! (see

Build rund

Any of the following will build rund in the bin directory:

Using dmd:

dmd -i -I=src -run make.d build

Using an existing rund:

./make.d build

Using an existing rund explicitly (for Windows):

rund make.d build

Install rund

Any of the following will install rund alongside the dmd compilers in your PATH:

Use rund to install itself:

./bin/rund make.d install

Use an existing rund:

./make.d install

Source Compiler Directives

rund supports "compiler directives" in the main source file. Each directive line starts with //! and must appear at the beginning of the file but after the shebang line (i.e. #!/usr/bin/env rund) line if present.

#!/usr/bin/env rund
//!importPath <path>
//!version <version>
//!library <library_file>
//!importFilenamePath <path>
//!env <var>=<value>

Test rund

This will build rund if it needs to be built and then test it:

./make.d test


For more complex situations, we could support configuring the build via D code!

// This is a block of code that rund will execute to configure the build.
// One idea is to have this code be interpreted as if it exists inside a function.
// Maybe a function like this?
// void configureBuild(Config config) ?
version (Windows)

Or another syntax:

version (ConfigureBuild)

Or maybe this could go in a separate file?

//!buildConfig configureBuild.d
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