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Java image metadata manipulation tool for Android
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Standalone Android version of PixyMeta - a pure Java image metadata manipulation tool.

Image metadata manipulation:

  • JPEG and TIFF EXIF data manipulation
    • Insert EXIF data into JPEG.
    • Extract EXIF data from JPEG.
    • Remove EXIF data and other insignificant APPn segments from JPEG.
    • Insert EXIF data into TIFF.
    • Read EXIF data embedded in TIFF.
  • JPEG and TIFF ICC Profile support
    • Insert ICC profile to JPEG and TIFF.
    • Extract ICC profile from JPEG and TIFF.
  • JPEG and TIFF IPTC metadata support
    • Insert IPTC directly to TIFF via RichTiffIPTC tag.
    • Insert IPTC to JPEG via APP13 Photoshop IRB
    • Extract IPTC from both TIFF and JPEG
  • JPEG and TIFF Photoshop IRB metadata support
    • Insert IRB into JPEG via APP13 segment
    • Insert IRB into TIFF via tag PHOTOSHOP.
    • Extract IRB data from both JPEG and TIFF.
  • JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF XMP metadata support
    • Insert XMP metada into JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF image
    • Extract XMP metadata from JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF image
    • In case of JPEG, handle normal XMP and extendedXMP which cannot fit into one APP1 segment

Where can I get the latest release?

There is currently no stable release of PIXYMETA-ANDROID. However you can pull the latest SNAPSHOT from Sonatype SNAPSHOT repository by adding the snapshot repository to your pom.xml:

  <name>Sonatype Snapshot Repository</name>

Then you can use the SNAPSHOT version of ICAFE in your pom.xml:


Go to the wiki page to see this library in action or grab the "pixymeta-android.jar" from the lib folder and try it yourself!

Tested on Android Nexus4 virtual device only!!!

Project using pixymeta-android

Suggestions? custom requirements? Open an issue or send email to me directly:

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