Add a contact form to your silverplate installation.
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Add a contact form to your PHP Silverplate installation.


Get more information about PHP Silverplate here:

This package allows you to enhance your Silverplate instalation by easy to integrate contact form. It's especially useful if you need to create a one-page questionnaire with custom design and are fine with results going to your e-mail inbox.

Getting started

Grab PHP Silverplate from the link above and install it. Then run the following command:

$ php composer.phar require dragonee/silverplate-form:0.8.*

Composer will grab all required dependencies and install them automatically. You can now proceed to developing your e-mail form.

Creating a form

In order to successfully create an e-mail form, you would probably need at least three files.

  • the form page will display the form to be submitted;
  • the e-mail template will be used to send an e-mail back to you;
  • the thank you page is the page where you redirect after the form being successfully submited.

The form page


The e-mail template


The thank you page