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@github-actions github-actions released this 20 Mar 08:46
· 665 commits to main since this release

Dragonfly v1.0.0

We are thrilled to announce that Dragonfly now supports primary-to-secondary replication! πŸŽ† πŸŽ†

You can either configure Dragonfly as a secondary instance alongside your existing Redis master,
or establish your own replicated DF-to-DF setup. The configuration process is quite similar to that of Redis.
For more information, please check out our replication setup page.

In addition to this feature, the latest release includes final touches and bug fixes to enhance Dragonfly's stability.

What's Changed

  • fix(tests): Disable logging in replication tests by @dranikpg in #906
  • fix(regression-tests): fix cpu print step by @adiholden in #910
  • fix: logging in sentinel_test by @talbii in #869
  • fix(pytest): Add master restart delay by @dranikpg in #909
  • chore(helm): update golden files to latest version by @Pothulapati in #915
  • fix(server): Change WaitForCallbacks mem order by @dranikpg in #914
  • fix(tests):Some test cases for redis replication by @ashotland in #918
  • fix: send a single RDB_OPCODE_FULLSYNC_END from a snapshot by @romange in #920
  • fix(core): Auto cast doubles to ints in lua scripts by @dranikpg in #922
  • chore(helm): Make release pipeline to update golden files by @Pothulapati in #916
  • feat(server): Implement BITPOS. by @chakaz in #907
  • Skip version check if $DFLY_DEV_ENV is set by @ashotland in #928
  • fix: Fix a corruption when connection writes interleaving messages by @romange in #926
  • feat(workflow): Add Vercel Docs Hook to release workflow by @vahnag in #919
  • fix(docs):Delete by @ashotland in #921
  • feat(server): Pragmas from scripts by @dranikpg in #927
  • chore: change thread_local to __thread when possible. by @romange in #930
  • feat: increase expiry period to 8 years. by @romange in #932
  • fix(redis_replicaiton_test): fix compare set types by @adiholden in #929
  • bug(redis replication): fix multi transaction replication stable state by @adiholden in #934
  • fix: correctly set batching mode during pubsub by @romange in #937
  • feat(server): hello and info sidekiq compatibility by @ashotland in #941
  • feat(ci): Add daily builds BFS verification by @Pothulapati in #936
  • fix(replication): redis replication flush all before full sync by @adiholden in #946
  • fix(rdb_load): replica load expired keys by @adiholden in #948
  • fix(ci): Use correct x86-64 with builds by @Pothulapati in #950
  • Integration test docker image with Go client by @pascaldekloe in #943
  • chore: some pytests and logging improvements by @romange in #953
  • improve consistency around brpop flow by @romange in #954
  • fix: Fix deadlock in the transaction code. by @romange in #956

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