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Dragon6 API - A Rainbow Six Siege Stats API for .NET
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Dragon6 is a free to use family of products specialising in Rainbow Six Siege Stats.

Dragon6 API

  • Easy to use
  • Full Async support
  • General Stats
  • Operator Specific Stats
  • Ranked Season Support
  • PC ID Reversal Support
  • HttpClient Presets
  • JSON Deserialisers (Download the data using your own system)


using Dragon6.API;
using Dragon6.API.Stats;

namespace Dragon6.EXAMPLE
    public class IStats
		private string email = "";
		private string password = "yourpassword";
		private string token;
		private General stats = null;
		private Season rankedstats = null;

		public async Task UpdatePlayerStats(string username)
			Token.SetCredentials(email, password);
			token = await Token.GetToken(); //call this too many times and your account will be locked for 2 hours. Make sure you store this and set an expiry for two hours. When it expires you will need a new one.

				AccountInfo player = await AccountInfo.GetFromName(username, References.Platform.PC, token);		
					stats = await General.GetStats(player,token);
					rankedstats = await Season.GetSeason(player, "EMEA", token, -1); //-1 = current season but if excluded is the default
					stats = null;
			catch (ArgumentOutOfRangeException)
				Console.WriteLine("The username you entered doesn't exist.");
				stats = null;

		public PlayerStats GetCasualKills()
			if (stats == null) return 0;
			else return stats.Casual_Kills; 

In Production


Feel free to add an issue if you discover one or if you're up to it, clone and make edits as you feel neccesarry.

Contributors can claim a verified profile on the Dragon6 Apps. This gives you access to beta features, including custom backgrounds on your profile. If you have contributed and wish to claim yours, send an email to with your R6 Player Info.

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