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Dragonite Network Project


Dragonite is a reliable application level data transport protocol based on UDP. Highly optimized for lossy & unstable networks. Use cases include

  • Transfer data between countries over lossy network connections
  • Your application needs a persistent connection to your servers, without interference from NAT gateways
  • Firewall blocking TCP

Dragonite Network Project contains a series of Dragonite-based network applications.

Maintained packages

  • dragonite-sdk (Protocol library) (v0.3.3 released)
  • dragonite-mux (Connection multiplexing library) (v0.3.0 released)
  • dragonite-forwarder (TCP over Dragonite relay) (v0.3.3 released)
  • dragonite-proxy (Advanced encrypted SOCKS5 proxy) (v0.3.1 released)

Network programs


A TCP (over Dragonite) relay program that can be used to accelerate any TCP connection between your clients and servers.


Advanced SOCKS5 proxy featuring encryption, traffic obfuscation and a powerful ACL system.


TCP vs Dragonite


  • Dragonite is designed to be TCP-unfriendly. Use with caution if TCP-friendliness is important in your network.

The Road Ahead

  • We are building a project website to provide download links and user manuals. (

  • Documentation translations

  • A Go port of dragonite-sdk and dragonite-mux is currently under development. Feel free to port this project in any other language you like.

  • The ultimate goal is to build a uncensorable, decentralized peer-to-peer proxy network. Developers with experience of these are more than welcome to be our contributors!

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