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# $Id$
# This module extends the stock distutils install_setup code to
# support installation into multiple target directories, with
# semantics similar to what distutils already supports for
# script_files. The bulk of this code is taken directly from the
# stock distutils package, with minor changes. As such, I consider
# this to be a derivative work of the distutils package for copyright
# purposes.
from distutils.util import change_root, convert_path
from distutils.command.build_scripts import build_scripts as _build_scripts
from distutils.command.install_scripts import install_scripts as _install_scripts
from distutils import log
from stat import S_IMODE
import os
class build_scripts(_build_scripts):
Hacked version of distutils.build_scripts, designed to support
multiple target installation directories like install_data does.
[(target_directory, [list_of_source_scripts]), ...]
Most of the real work is in the companion hacked install_scripts,
but we need to tweak the list of source files that build_scripts
pulls out of the Distribution object.
def finalize_options(self):
self.scripts = []
for script in self.distribution.scripts:
if isinstance(script, str):
class install_scripts(_install_scripts):
Hacked version of distutils.install_scripts, designed to support
multiple target installation directories like install_data does.
[(target_directory, [list_of_source_scripts]), ...]
The code here is a tweaked combination of what the stock
install_scripts and install_data classes do.
user_options = _install_scripts.user_options + [
("root=", None, "install everything relative to this alternate root directory")]
def initialize_options(self):
self.outfiles = []
self.root = None
def finalize_options (self):
("build_scripts", "build_dir"))
("install_scripts", "install_dir"),
("root", "root"),
("force", "force"),
("skip_build", "skip_build"))
def run(self):
if not self.skip_build:
for script in self.distribution.scripts:
if isinstance(script, str):
fn = os.path.join(self.build_dir, os.path.basename(convert_path(script)))
out, _ = self.copy_file(fn, self.install_dir)
dn = convert_path(script[0])
if not os.path.isabs(dn):
dn = os.path.join(self.install_dir, dn)
elif self.root:
dn = change_root(self.root, dn)
if not script[1]:
for s in script[1]:
fn = os.path.join(self.build_dir, os.path.basename(convert_path(s)))
out, _ = self.copy_file(fn, dn)
if == "posix":
for fn in self.get_outputs():
mode = S_IMODE(os.stat(fn).st_mode) | 0555"changing mode of %s to %o", fn, mode)
if not self.dry_run:
os.chmod(fn, mode)
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