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Clean up old code which has been obsolete for years.
smoketest hasn't worked since we converted to Tornado and Django ORM.

xml-parse-test hasn't worked since we ripped out the massively
redundant XML layer and went to using lxml.etree directly.

old_irdbd hasn't worked since we converted to Django ORM.

rpki.adns hasn't worked since we converted to Tornado.

Various tests in ca/ haven't worked since all of the above

Some day we may want to resurrect a few bits (in particular, the
post-initialization scripting capabilities from smoketest) but for the
moment it just confuses people, so away with it.
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sraustein committed Aug 26, 2018
1 parent 349194f commit ccf638a65f73fede347b387c50a6381a32de7b52
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@@ -52,37 +52,6 @@ relaxng: up-down-relaxng left-right-relaxng publication-relaxng publication-cont

all-tests:: relaxng

parse-test: left-right-protocol-samples publication-protocol-samples publication-control-protocol-samples

all-tests:: parse-test

${PYTHON} smoketest.1.yaml

${PYTHON} smoketest.2.yaml

test all-tests::
${PYTHON} smoketest.3.yaml

${PYTHON} smoketest.4.yaml

${PYTHON} smoketest.5.yaml

test all-tests::
${PYTHON} smoketest.6.yaml

${PYTHON} smoketest.7.yaml

profile: all
find smoketest.dir -name '*.prof' -delete
${PYTHON} smoketest.2.yaml -p
for i in smoketest.dir/*.prof; do ${PYTHON} -c "import pstats;pstats.Stats('$$i').sort_stats('time').print_stats()"; done

# This isn't a full exercise of the yamltest framework, but is
# probably as good as we can do under make.

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