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instructions on renewing root cert

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@@ -474,3 +474,17 @@ There are other tools which will let you examine the ASN.1 if you have
some reason to do so, but in this case it's not all that interesting,
any valid RPKI root key will have identical values for all but one
field of the ASN.1, and that field is a 2048-bit hexadecimal integer.
## Renewing the Root Certificate
By default, the root certificate has a one year expiration. The
software does not refresh the copy on disk automatically. Therefore it
would be good to put in a cron job something such as the following:
$ rpkic extract_root_certificate --output_file /usr/share/rpki/tal/root.cer
Note that the directory and filename will likely need to be adjusted for
your configuration. What does the TAL you publish say the filename and
location are?

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