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Dragon Trainer - Edgeryders network extraction scripts

In this repository you'll find the code used to extract a network from the raw data from the Edgeryders site.

The experiment code is driven by the edgeryders_export.rb file and uses the classes defined in the edgeryders_dataset.rb and dataset/*.rb files. Running the edgeryders_export.rb file you'll obtain the network exported PAJEK format (.net files) whcih is usable also in other network analysis tools (e.g. Tulip or Gephi).

Running the script


To run the script you need to prepare your computer installing the Ruby interpreter, see here for details on how to do it for your OS: http://www.ruby-lang.org/

Downloading the code

Download the code from github and save it in a directory on your computer

Preparing the data

You need to obtain the data from the Edgeryders site and you need to put the json files obtained from the Edgeryders site in the json directory.

The files should be named as follows:

  • nodes.js for the file containing the dump of the Drupal nodes objects
  • comments.js for the file containing the comment objects
  • users.js for the file containing the user objects

Extracting the network

From the command line:

  • cd into the edgeryders-mapper directory
  • run the command ruby -rubygems -I. edgeryders_export.rb

While running the script will log to the screen traces and eventually errors or warnings it finds.

After the script has run you'll find in the export directory a new sub-directory named YYYYMMDD-HHmm after the current date and time which will contain the two .net files extracted:

  • edgeryders-ANON.net contains the network without any direct user identifying information
  • edgeryders-NAMES.net contains the network whcih uses the user's name to identify the nodes