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A quick utility to pump docker container metrics into graphite. This 0.1 version only pushes the memory.stat metrics. More to come shortly.


Usage of docker2graphite:
  -H="": Graphite carbon-cache host, REQUIRED
  -P=2003: Graphite carbon-cache plaintext port
  -c="/sys/fs/cgroup/memory/docker/": Path to docker in sysfs/cgroup/memory
  -i=10: Graphite push interval. A multiple (generally 1x) of whisper file resolution
  -p="": Graphite metric prefix: [prefix].<container>.<metric>
  -s=true: Use 12 character format of container ID for metric path


  • -H: Hostname of the destination graphite carbon-cache instance
  • -P: Port of destination carbon-cache instance. Defaults to 2003
  • -c: Path to docker directory within cgroup stats memory tree. Defaults to /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/docker. If sysfs has been mounted elsewhere, use find <sysfs mount point> -wholename '*cgroup/memory/docker' to locate the proper value.
  • -i: Interval between metrics collection. Should be a multiple (generally 1x) of the lowest whisper file resolution. Refer to the Whisper database documentation for more information.
  • -p: Prefix for metrics. This string will be prepended to the . string to generate the full name of the metric. See the Plan a Naming Hierarchy section of the Graphite documentation for more information.
  • -s: Whether to use shorted (12-character) container IDs in the metric name. Defaults to true.


This software is in extremely early development and represents the author's first public Go project. Please report any issues with performance, composition, or documentation to the Issues page.