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Pinoccio to Graphite

Push pinoccio streaming API messages to a graphite instance.

This tool listens to the Pinoccio streaming API and pushes all events with numeric data towards a Graphite carbon-collector instance.


usage: p2g.js [-h] [-v] -t TOKEN -g GRAPHITE [-p PREFIX]

Pinoccio to Graphite

Optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.
  -v, --version         Show program's version number and exit.
  -t TOKEN, --token TOKEN
						Pinoccio API token
  -g GRAPHITE, --graphite GRAPHITE
						Address of Graphite host
  -p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
						Metric prefix: PREFIX.<troop>.<scout>.<metric>

Refer to the docs for generating tokens (And consider using a read-only token).

Graphite Resolution Config

Graphite uses the Whisper database file format for storing metrics. Whisper is a fixed size, multiple precision archive. These levels of precision (aggregations over time periods) are configured by the user in storage-schemas.conf and storage-aggregation.conf. Misconfigured schemas and aggregations can lead to inaccurate, useless, or wholly "missing" data. The default (unconfigured) storage schema is to store 1-day's worth of 1-minute aggregations (per metric). This means that:

  • If exactly 1 data point comes in every 60 seconds, the data stored by Graphite will be accurate.
  • If less than 1 data point comes in every 60 seconds then there will be gaps in the data. (The keepLastValue function can be used to fill in the gaps when graphed)
  • If more than 1 data point comes in every 60 seconds then the value with the latest timestamp that fits in the interval will be used.

If the data you're trying to capture is dynamic (does not occur/arrive at a fixed interval) you will need to look into running the carbon-aggregator daemon in front of the carbbon-cache daemon. This is because rollup aggregation only happens at levels above the lowest resolution schema (rollup aggregation is a feature of the Whisper database file format, and not handled by carbon-cache itself).

Thankfully storage schemas and aggregations can be applied to metrics based on their path name. See Configuring Carbon for more



Node utility for forwarding Pinoccio streaming API events to Graphite



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