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Binary snipping tool for embedded deployments and key injections
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A scalpel and stitch tool for binaries. Maybe also a signing tool, maybe.

Snip around, stitch up or graft binaries

This is mostly used for the case where parts of the binary need to be extracted or replaced.

Use Cases

  • stance firmware into pieces from an all-in-one blob

    scalpel stance --range 0..4Ki --output bootloader.bin firmware.bin
    scalpel stance --range 4Ki+241664 --output part_A.bin firmware.bin --file-format bin
    scalpel stance --range 282624+241664 --output part_B.bin firmware.hex --file-format hex
  • stitch firmware pieces together such as bootloader and application

    scalpel stitch --binary tmp/test_bytes --offset 0    --binary tmp/test_bytes --offset 2048 --fill-pattern zero --output stitched.bin
    scalpel stitch --binary tmp/test_bytes --offset 2Ki  --binary tmp/test_bytes --offset 0 --fill-pattern one --output stitched.hex --file-format hex
    scalpel stitch --binary tmp/test_bytes --offset 2058 --binary tmp/test_bytes --offset 10 --fill-pattern random --output stitched.bin
  • replace a section with a new file

    scalpel graft --range 1Ki..2Ki --replace tmp/test_cut_out --output cut tmp/test_bytes
    scalpel graft --range 0..2Ki   --replace tmp/test_cut_out --output cut tmp/test_bytes --file-format bin
    scalpel graft --range 1Ki+1Ki  --replace tmp/test_cut_out --output cut tmp/test_bytes
    scalpel graft --range 1Ki+1Ki  --replace tmp/test_cut_out --output cut tmp/test_bytes.hex --file-format hex


  • cut off a binary at specific start and end/size
  • Handle endianness of checksums properly
  • Replace parts (i.e. cert files or non volatile memory and/or sections)
  • Allow hexadecimal input
  • Allow multipile input scales (K = 1000, Ki = 1024, M = 1e6, Mi = 1024*1024, ...)
  • Add verifier option for alignment to given sector/page size
  • Allow files in IntelHex format for in- and output

Common / Hints

  • You need the extracted binary as include? Use xxd -i sliced.bin > sliced_binary.h to create a header file out of the result.

  • Convert RSA keys in .pem format to pkcs8 format via openssl (see ring doc doc-ring ), openssl supports Ed25519 algorithm currently only on master

    openssl pkcs8 -toppk8 -nocrypt -outform der -in [key.pem] > [pkcs8_key.pk8]
  • Generate valid Ed25519 Keypair use small tool from ring author:

    cargo install kt
    kt generate ed25519 --out=FILE
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