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Ybat - YOLO BBox Annotation Tool

Fast and efficient BBox annotation for your images in YOLO, and now, VOC/COCO formats!


To see why and for what this was created, please read Ybat - YOLO BBox Annotation Tool



  1. Download the zip.
  2. Extract it.
  3. Open ybat.html in your browser.
  4. Load images and classes and start bboxing!


  1. Open ybat.js.
  2. Edit section named parameters.


All browsers that support ES6 should work. Tested with:

  • Chrome v65
  • Firefox v58
  • Safari v11
  • Opera v51

No idea about IE/Edge.


  • NEW! Basic Pascal VOC and COCO format support.
  • Works in your browser on any platform.
  • Complete YOLO format support.
  • No need for image upload - everything is done locally!
  • Zooming and panning images with guidelines for precise bboxing.
  • Fast navigation for quick bboxing.
  • Auto save in memory in case of accidental refreshes and crashes.
  • Ability to crop your bboxes and save the resulting images.
  • Information on both image and current bbox.


  • Loading many and or big images might take a while. This is because tool needs to figure out image dimensions.
  • Cropping many items might crash your browser. This and above will be fixed at some point.


Go nuts! Just don't forget to follow eslint guidelines. Credit will be given where it's due.