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Title: 19.Methods.go
Author: OpenSource
Date: 2017-05-21
Description: For Study
Go supports methods defined on struct types.
package main
import "fmt"
type rect struct{
width, height int
// This area method has a receiver type of *rect.
func (r *rect) area() int{
return r.width * r.height
// Methods can be defined for either pointer or value receiver types.
// Here’s an example of a value receiver.
func (r rect) perim() int{
return 2*r.width + 2*r.height
func main() {
r := rect{width: 10, height: 5}
fmt.Println("r := rect{width: 10, height: 5}")
// Here we call the 2 methods defined for our struct.
fmt.Println("area: ", r.area())
fmt.Println("perim: ", r.perim())
// Go automatically handles conversion between values and pointers for method calls.
// You may want to use a pointer receiver type
// to avoid copying on method calls or to allow the method to mutate the receiving struct.
rp := &r
fmt.Println("rp := &r")
fmt.Println("area: ", rp.area())
fmt.Println("perim: ", rp.perim())
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