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Title: 20.Interfaces.go
Author: OpenSource
Date: 2017-05-21
Description: For Study
Interfaces are named collections of method signatures.
package main
import "fmt"
import "math"
// define struct
// For our example we’ll implement this interface on rect and circle types.
type rect struct {
width, height float64
type circle struct {
radius float64
// type geometry
type geometry interface{
// Here’s a basic interface for geometric shapes.
area() float64
perim() float64
// impl methods
// To implement an interface in Go, we just need to implement all the methods in the interface. Here we implement geometry on rects.
func (r rect) area() float64 {
return r.width * r.height
func (r rect) perim() float64 {
return 2*r.width + 2*r.height
// The implementation for circles.
func (c circle) area() float64 {
return math.Pi * c.radius * c.radius
// The implementation for circles.
func (c circle) perim() float64 {
return 2 * math.Pi * c.radius
// If a variable has an interface type,
// then we can call methods that are in the named interface.
// Here’s a generic measure function taking advantage of this to work on any geometry.
func measure (g geometry ) {
func main() {
r := rect{width: 3, height: 4}
c := circle{radius: 5}
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