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Title: 22.Goroutines.go
Author: OpenSource
Date: 2017-05-21
Description: For Study
A goroutine is a lightweight thread of execution.
package main
import "fmt"
func f(from string){
for i := 0; i < 5; i++ {
fmt.Println("argument (from =>",from ,": i=>", i,")")
func main(){
// Suppose we have a function call f(s).
// Here’s how we’d call that in the usual way, running it synchronously.
fmt.Println("go f(\"goroutine\")")
go f("goroutine")
// To invoke this function in a goroutine, use go f(s).
// This new goroutine will execute concurrently with the calling one.
go func(msg string){
// You can also start a goroutine for an anonymous function call.
var input string
// Our two function calls are running asynchronously in separate goroutines now,
// so execution falls through to here.
// This Scanln code requires we press a key before the program exits.
// Go routine is not synchronously working Don't forget it
// When we run this program, we see the output of the blocking call first,
// then the interleaved output of the two gouroutines.
// This interleaving reflects the goroutines being run concurrently by the Go runtime.
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