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Title: 37.Mutexes.go
Author: OpenSource
Date: 2017-05-21
Description: For Study
In the previous example we saw how to manage simple counter state using atomic operations[exam - 36].
For more complex state we can use a mutex to safely access data across multiple goroutines.
package main
import (
func main(){
// For our example the state will be a map.
var state = make(map[int]int)
// This mutex will synchronize access to state.
var mutex = &sync.Mutex{}
// We’ll keep track of how many read and write operations we do.
var readOps uint64 = 0
var writeOps uint64 = 0
// Here we start 100 goroutines to execute repeated reads against the state,
// once per millisecond in each goroutine.
for r := 0 ; r < 100 ; r++{
go func(){
total := 0
key := rand.Intn(5)
// For each read we pick a key to access,
// Lock() the mutex to ensure exclusive access to the state,
// read the value at the chosen key, Unlock() the mutex, and increment the readOps count.
total += state[key]
atomic.AddUint64(&readOps, 1)
// Wait a bit between reads.
// We’ll also start 10 goroutines to simulate writes, using the same pattern we did for reads.
for w := 0 ; w < 10 ; w++ {
go func(){
for {
key := rand.Intn(5)
val := rand.Intn(100)
state[key] = val
atomic.AddUint64(&writeOps, 1)
// Let the 10 goroutines work on the state and mutex for a second.
// Take and report final operation counts.
readOpsFinal := atomic.LoadUint64(&readOps)
fmt.Println("readOps => ", readOpsFinal)
writeOpsFinal := atomic.LoadUint64(&writeOps)
fmt.Println("writeOps => ", writeOpsFinal)
// With a final lock of state, show how it ended up.
fmt.Println("state =>", state)
// Running the program shows that we executed
// about 90,000 total operations against our mutex-synchronized state.
// Next we’ll look at implementing this same state management task using only goroutines
// and channels.
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