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Title: 44.String_Functions.go
Author: OpenSource
Date: 2017-05-23
Description: For Study
The standard library’s strings package provides many useful string-related functions.
Here are some examples to give you a sense of the package.
We alias fmt.Println to a shorter name as we’ll use it a lot below.
package main
import s "strings"
import "fmt"
// We alias fmt.Println to a shorter name as we’ll use it a lot below.
var p = fmt.Println
func main(){
// Here’s a sample of the functions available in strings.
// Since these are functions from the package,
// not methods on the string object itself,
// we need pass the string in question as the first argument to the function.
// You can find more functions in the strings package docs.
p("Contains=> ", s.Contains("test", "es"))
p("Count=> ", s.Count("test", "t"))
p("HasPrefix=> ", s.HasPrefix("test", "te"))
p("HasSuffix=> ", s.HasSuffix("test", "st"))
p("Index=> ", s.Index("test", "e"))
p("Join=> ", s.Join([]string{"a", "b"}, "-"))
p("Repeat=> ", s.Repeat("a", 5))
p("Replace=> ", s.Replace("foo", "o", "0", -1))
p("Replace=> ", s.Replace("foo", "o", "0", 1))
p("Split=> ", s.Split("a-b-c-d-e-f", "-"))
p("ToLower=> ", s.ToLower("TEST"))
p("ToUpper=> ", s.ToUpper("test"))
// Not part of strings, but worth mentioning here,
// are the mechanisms for getting the length of a string in bytes and getting a byte by index.
// Note that len and indexing above work at the byte level.
// Go uses UTF-8 encoded strings, so this is often useful as-is.
// If you’re working with potentially multi-byte characters
// you’ll want to use encoding-aware operations.
// See strings, bytes, runes and characters in Go for more information.
p("Len=> ", len("test"))
p("Char=> ", "test"[2])
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