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@drakeet drakeet released this Feb 6, 2019 · 25 commits to master since this release

This migrates MultiType to Kotlin (#253)


  • Add a new reified MultiTypeAdapter#register(ItemViewBinder)
  • Add a new class Type for TypePool to hold data
  • Add withKotlinClassLinker for OneToManyEndpoint
  • Add ItemViewBinder#adapterItems to get or set the items of the associated MultiTypeAdapter
  • Change MultiTypeAdapter#items from List<*> to List<Any>

Breaking Changes

  • Change all protected methods of ItemViewBinder to public (#245)
  • Change the payloads parameter of ItemViewBinder#onBindViewHolder(holder, item, payloads) to be of List<Any> type
  • Change the clazz parameter of MultiTypeAdapter#register(...) from Class<? extends T> to Class<T>
  • Change MultiTypeAdapter to final
  • Remove Items class
  • Remove Preconditions class
  • Rename MultiTypePool to ArrayTypePool
  • Rename KClassLinker to KotlinClassLinker
  • Rename ClassLinker to JavaClassLinker
  • Rename OneToManyEndpoint#withKClassLinker(...) method to withKotlinClassLinker
  • Rename OneToManyEndpoint#withClassLinker(...) method to withJavaClassLinker
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