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Welcome to WalT integrated help.

Admin documentation

For installation and upgrade procedures (server, network switches, nodes, VPN) and a general view of WalT network structure, checkout walt help show admin.

User documentation

Getting started

In order to get familiar with main WalT concepts, see walt help show tutorial.

General concepts

Node-related terminology

To understand why a given user owns a given node or not, and for related aspects of terminology, see walt help show node-terminology.

Working with nodes and images

WalT provides:

  • direct access to nodes (using walt node shell, walt node cp for instance)
  • access to the underlying operating system image (using walt image shell, walt image cp, etc.)

For details, see:

Log management

WalT provides a logging system to manage your experiment logs. See walt help show logging for more info.

Advanced users

For specific needs, it is possible to build your own WalT image from scratch. See walt help show image-from-scratch for more info.

And if you want to connect a new kind of node which WalT does not currently supports, check-out walt help show new-node-support.

How it works

See walt help show node-bootup for detailed understanding of walt core.