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#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
import glob
import StringIO
class ColorScheme(dict):
def from_xresource(cls, name, fname):
colors = cls() = name
macros = {}
for line in open(fname):
m = re.match(r'#define\s+(\w+)\s+(#\w+)', line)
if m:
macros[] =
m = re.match(r'\*\.(\w+):\s+(#?\w+)', line)
if m:
color =
if color in macros:
color = macros[color]
colors[] = color
return colors
def rgb_values(self, hex):
rh, gh, bh = hex[1:3], hex[3:5], hex[5:7]
return [int(rh, 16), int(gh, 16), int(bh, 16)]
def to_konsole(self):
colors = {}
for name, color in self.items():
if name == 'cursorcolor':
if name.startswith('color') and (len(name) == 7 or name[5] > '7'):
num = int(name[5:]) - 8
name = 'Color%dIntense' % num
name = name[0].upper() + name[1:]
colors[name] = color
out = StringIO.StringIO()
for name in sorted(colors.keys()):
print >>out, "[%s]" % name
print >>out, "Color={},{},{}".format(*self.rgb_values(colors[name]))
print >>out
print >>out, "[General]"
print >>out, "Description={}".format(
return out.getvalue()
def main():
for fname in glob.glob('Xresource*'):
scheme = ColorScheme.from_xresource(fname[len("Xresource"):], fname)
if __name__ == '__main__':